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About Garden Matters

Garden Matters first started in 2006 providing a personalised gardening service to discerning clientele, led by Rui, our head gardener.

We take a holistic approach to gardening, understanding you and your garden before we even start working. We know that gardens are not a short term concern, constantly evolving through the seasons and years as plants grow and thrive. We approach each garden with a long-term outlook, not only mindful of the here and now, but also five and ten years down the line when it has blossomed and matured.

We use our expert knowledge of plant life, the land and the environment to tailor our garden programs to determine what to plant, where, and when, to achieve the most beautiful garden possible.


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La Houguette
La Route de Saint-Jean
St Lawrence
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Our Services

Lawn Maintenance

We know how to best take care of your lawns. From scarification and aeration to weed control and feeding programs, we take the time and care to ensure that your lawns are as lush, beautiful and green as they can be.

Scarified Lawn in Jersey
Lawn treated, fed and well-maintained in Jersey

Border Design

A well designed border helps set off your lawn areas and is a chance to impart personality to your garden. Our experts can provide advice on plant selection, based on your specific environmental situation including soil type, wind, light and shade.

Border Design in Jersey
Beautiful Borders achievable in Jersey

Shrub Care & Pruning

Different shrubs require pruning at different times of the year. Our experts can advise you on this and provide a year-round service to keep your shrubbery in top condition. For trees and larger plants, Tree Matters can provide further advice.

Shrub Care in Jersey
Shrub Pruning

General Maintenance

We also provide general maintenance services for your garden, including weed management and tailored maintenance programs. Our experts will assess your specific garden needs and recommend the best program for your garden, whether that is weekly, monthly, or any other interval.

Weed Management in Jersey
Garden Maintenance in Jersey

Our Online Store

If you would like to order logs or woodchip from us, please use the order form below and we will get back to you. 5% GST will be added and shown in the total at the bottom of the form.


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P: 07797 827299

If you need to get in touch, give us a call or use the handy contact form here - we'll try to get back to you as soon as possible!